About Xiana

I have a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and combine my work as a designer with my personal art projects.

I'm from Galicia, land with lots of ghosts stories and mythology, which has fully influenced my work and life.

My work revolves around the relationship between death and pain.
I am interested in the rupture of the current view of death as a taboo and the exercise of rebellion that implies accepting it as part of life.

I'm interested in the natural processes that body suffers, physical and mental illness and the decomposition of matter once life ends. I like to know the scientific point of view to approach it from a poetic perspective.

I draw my drawings with dots, streaks and ink stains that I place one by one meticulously.

A few years ago I launched the site basuraespecial.com, where I developed my interest in death in a more playful way, through comics and drawings about real crimes and which also included works related to my personal interests.


All photos are mine, except some on section Death, taken by Fernanda Padín.

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